Wait a Minute Please…..

Wait a Minute Please…..

We hear this sentence repeatedly but did we ever contemplate the changes that take place in a single minute? 1 minute seems very trivial and a very short span of time, but on contemplation, one will realize what a human being can accomplish in just a minute:

  • In 1 minute a person can walk a distance of two hundred yards, utter a hundred and fifty words, run four hundred yards, write forty words and read and understand more than three hundred words.
  • In 1 minute a person can take in and release four hundred and ten cubic inches of air from his lungs.
  • In 1 minute his heart pumps approximately five liters’ of blood into his blood vessels.
  • In 1 minute the blood of a human body circulates in the entire body and returns to the heart.
  • In 1 minute a healthy person’s heart beats about seventy two times.
  • In 1 minute a person breathes in and out about eighteen times.

These are the changes that occur in a human body. If we look around us, we will be shocked to learn of the changes that take place in the world in just a minute.

  • In 1 minute the earth revolves around its axis for a distance of nine hundred and fifty miles.
  • In 1 minute one thousand four hundred cubic feet of rain falls on the earth.
  • In 1 minute thirty five thousand tons of fresh water is released into the seas by the rivers.
  • In 1 minute the world’s population is increased by one hundred and fourteen whilst it is decreased by one hundred.
  • In 1 minute forty three marriages take place whilst three divorces take place.
  • In 1 minute six hundred thousand cigarettes are smoked and one hundred and ten thousand newspapers are sold.
  • In 1 minute two hundred and ten thousand telephone calls are made.
  • In 1 minute mankind drinks sixty three thousand eight hundred gallons of water and consumes four thousand tons of food.
  • In 1 minute three thousand three hundred tons of coal is mined.
  • In 1 minute seven hundred tons of steel is produced.
  • In 1 minute four thousand and six hundred shoes are manufactured and eighteen thousand cars are sold.
  • In 1 minute six thousand luminous meteors fall to the earth and thirty eight whirlpools appear on the earth.

How astonishing! All this takes place in a mere span of sixty seconds for which we hold no value.

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Avail yourself of five things before five:

  • Your youth before your old-age.
  • Your health before your illness.
  • Your wealth before your poverty.
  • Your free time before your occupation.
  • Your life before your death.”

In another Hadith Rasulullah (SAW) said: “On the day of Judgment, one of the questions put to every person would be regarding his age (life) and how he utilized it.”


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