The Question We Ask or Wonder of.

The Question We Ask or Wonder of.

Where did I come from, and where am I going? is the question on every child’s lips at some stage. What is the relationship between man, life and the universe? What is the link between life and what was before life, and what is after life?
These are almost natural of a question which man wants an answer to, and indeed needs an answer to, to form a basis for all actions.
What about those who never had the chance to exist, that died from birth. Isn’t death a thing of importance and shouldn’t one worry about it? Surely there must be a greater reason for our life, for our existence.
What again may I say is our purpose? Why do we exist? What is our position? Is there something beyond death? Is there a next stage? What must I do to prepare for the next stage?
These are the most important questions in the existence of human kind. If we come to understand the answers to these small questions; then we would’ve understood the meaning of our existence.
Without an answer, we are simply running with a limited view of life, (i.e. what here and now with no regard to the past and future.) Such a view of life is comparable to applying for a job without asking the interviewer what the history of the company is, who they will be working for, why the previous person left, what the job is, how the
job is likely to develop, what the prospects for promotion are and so on. To simply ask for the job without any reference to the past and the future and how they are related is superficial and naive.
What if you knew something that everyone else did not know nor have no knowledge of and that it was something that was so important, that to describe it in a few sentences would be impossible. What would you the average person do?
You are neither a philosopher nor a prophet, but you will try to make people understand you cause you posses the truth and you are one who uses their heart. You feel as if people might not take you seriously, which may be so.
What is different seems impossible at times for people to believe you. To change one’s self because of some knowledge you have gained is not a simple task. The messenger is not a person who wills the change of hearts, he brings a message and he establishes himself as a person of true belief and conviction and he uses his fear of “the being” that sent him on his quest to do his best in transferring the message.
If you believe that death is the end then “why live” just to die. Why try to be the most knowledgeable person in the world or the smartest and most brilliant of creation, if it is that you just exist to die and that is the end of you.
Why go to universities and colleges and study for so many years of your life then you live and ultimately you die. So why do we exist? Are we to follow our pastimes and traditions because they guide us to that place where it comforts our heart and mind and make us feel that we are on the right track; the track that will carry us beyond death.
Truth comes in many shapes and forms, it is just up to us to seek it and understand it; because our clock is ticking and the time of death is approaching day by day.
We are all humans alike no matter what shape, complexion, and size we have. We are all destined to meet an end that is our common likeness. So we as humans in a world of chaos and disunity must unite on the basis that we will definitely die.
Only then should we be able to live comfortable knowing that we will die and leave everything that would have had meaning to us. Our minds have over time developed a deficiency and this has caused us to live as though we will not meet our end.
This reality will present itself when we are about to depart from life and enter the next stage which is death; where it will become absolutely clear and all our fears will come about. But death most certainly is not the end of life. Death is only apart of life. How can I make my self comfortable and await death with an ease of heart?
Questions of what happens after death evoke in many an uneasy feeling, a feeling that many shy away from if they do not have a convincing answer. If we look upon existence before our births unknown, one might say is doesn’t concern us, but we will all return to a situation of seeming uncertainty after death. The truth of the
matter is that we want and need answers, and we want answers with absolute clarity and certainty.


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