Allah Is Always With Us…

Allah Is Always With Us…

When We are blessed, HE is Al-Rehman.
When We are hungry, HE is Al-Razzaq.
When We are honored HE is Al-Mu^iz.
When We are weak, HE is Al-Muqeet.
When We pray, HE is Al-Mujeeb.
When We need friend, HE is Al-Wali.
When Weare detracted, HE is Al-Haadi.
When We are gifted, HE is Al-Kareem.
When We are forgiven, He is Al-Ghafoor.
When We are in the darkness of Hopelessness, HE is Al-Noor.
If We are sinner, HE is Al-Tawwaab.


3 comments on “Allah Is Always With Us…

  1. askduane says:

    I like a lot of the readings of the Koran, but I find it hard to accept once the book rejects Jesus as the Messiah and just calls him a prophet yet the Koran respects the Torah when the Torah spoke of a coming Messiah, who became Jesus mankinds Savior. Jesus clearly said there is no other Savior coming after me. I don’t understand how Mohammed missed telling his followers that part. Can you help me with this?

    • muslimah says:

      Thank you for your comment or shall I say question, I have put up a post that I hope will answer your question.

    • Muhib says:

      Askduane. You only see what you want to see. The Prophet Muhammed is mentioned many times in the bible. The Old and the new Testament. But you need to have an open mind to see this. A good place to start is the link Sister Muslimah has given you.

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