To Be Happy…

To Be Happy…

  • Delight in beauty, and you make it more beautiful.
  • Cherish life, and you make it more meaningful.
    Be thankful for the good things, and you make them even better.
  • Make use of your strengths, and they become even stronger.
    Share your joy, and it becomes far more joyful.
  • Give your love, and there’s more of it to have.
    Be happy with the little victories, and they soon merge together into big accomplishments.
  • Appreciate every moment, and they will bring you great treasure.
    Focus your thoughts and your feelings on the goodness that’s there in your present situation. Then consider what you can do to make that goodness grow.
    Every day, every hour, every action, word, and thought is an opportunity to add value to life. The more of those opportunities you seize and fulfill the better life will surely become.

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