The Right Path in Life

 The Right Path in Life

“Following the wrong is simple yet easy to do,

though it seems difficult to follow the right path in life!

This world has lots to offer,

yet what have you to offer this worldly life!

Life is tuff but so hard to live,

with all sins so simple to commit.

Shaytaan is a guide to the fires of hell,

yet he makes you think he’s there to care and fulfill

Angels are pure who shine with beauty,

Allah is who commands them to keep you in safety

If there were no angels here by your side,

then Shaytaan would torture and guarantee you a hateful life

Tell me should you continue to put up with this,

when all you desire is a happy day

The answer will remain as ever has been,

follow 5 pillars then you hold the key

The stronger the faith and Iman in your hearts,

the quicker your sins will tare apart

As time goes by you will notice to see,

just how special you seem to be

If your heart is pure and true,

then its a fact that Allah has blessed you

Being blessed is the best thing in this time,

because power and dignity will be simple in your lives.”


One comment on “The Right Path in Life

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very true, we can not perform any thing with out guidance, many people might say then what happen to disbeliever well they have all only this life, here after they have reward, Allah pleasure comes with his obedience, we dont need to think about disbeliever that they have so much , this is also Allah hikma, shadad, namrood, these people as we can see what ever they achieve because of Allah power not their own, even they used to collect their follower and ask cloud about rain and rain start, that does not mean rain start because they said, Allah was the one who command, the reason i am saying never look those mushrekeen please keep in mind when its comes to proper guidance just take Allah words as is, no if and but, please dont dought in islam, never dought in quran, never dought in Allah u will be on a path to happiness never counter argue in islam, if its coming from quran and or prophet Muhammad pbuh please take it as is, no if and but, dont need to put our in put, Allah have his own way to satisfy our need, kay to paradise for give people, for give as much as 70 time during day to same person, never get angry always be ready to for give, to hold some thing from other is comes from proud mind, proud heart, what we have to be proud, the only entity to be proud id Allah alone, no one else, if u have sound brain go figure out

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