Try To…

Try To…

1) Stop telling people how they should live their lives by asking them personal questions like… When are you buying a car? Buying a house? When are you getting married? When are you having a child? Etc….

2) Stop asking people questions they don’t have the answers for. It exposes your level of maturity and intelligence… e.g. Why do you have a skin rash? Why have you lost weight? Why have you gained weight?.. Etc… (Will they ever know why?)

 3) If something is not your business stay out of it because you also did not start where you are now, unless you are asked for advice.

4) It is normal to gossip but please do not make it a habit, rather turn your gossiping skills into something postive. Nobody is perfect, we all have our weaknesses.

5) Stop complaining or criticizing other people, because they also feel the same about you. It is just that they are emotionally matured to ask you about your looks and the way you are because definitely you are not and angel. Many things about your appearance can also be questioned. Compliment a person if she/he looks nice instead of asking what the occasion is!

6) Try to associate with positive people and avoid negative people who always try to bring you down.

7) If a person tells you something confidential or personal stop discussing it with other people, it exposes your level of maturity.


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