To Be Guided.

To Be Guided.

Islam is our greatest fortune, we should not lose it no matter how others try to turn us away from it. We should be proud that we are a Muslim. Nobody is infallible, so do not base judgments about Islam on the errors and misconducts of Muslims because a Muslim might, sometimes make mistakes and violate some of the Qur’an’s teachings.

Our feeling for Muslims and desire to help them indicates the strength of our faith. Allah says:

إِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ إِخْوَةٌ فَأَصْلِحُوا بَيْنَ أَخَوَيْكُمْ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُرْحَمُونَ

“The believers are nothing else but brothers.”  (Surah Hujurat 49:10)

To keep steady on the right path by Allah’s we should do the following:

  • Learn more about Islam, understand the meanings of the Qur’an, and do not hesitate to ask about what you do not know.
  • Read the Prophet’s biography and learn about the companion’s ad the prominent figures of Islam.
  • Observe prayers on time. (A male must observe Salah in the Musjid and attend the Friday sermon and prayer).
  • Always accompany good and righteous Muslims and sit with them.

 We should try to learn and study the Arabic language more the language of the Qur’an and Rasulullah (SAW) , May Allah exalt his mention in order to have a better understanding of your religion.

Attract others to Islam by:

a) Applying Islam in our daily life, loving it, and meeting its obligations.

b) Treating others with respect and properly executing your work. Just exemplify a good Muslim character to make others feel the influence of Islam on our life.

c) We will be granted the same reward as that of anyone we succeed to guide to Islam.  First of all, kindly invite our family and friends to Islam. Present a cassette, book, or even a brochure to the one we are inviting because this will help in clarifying the message we want to convey.  Always recourse to Allah for help, ask Him to grant us success and guide others to Islam.

d) Never pass a ruling on behalf of our religion unless we are absolutely sure it is correct.

e) In pursuit of knowledge, we must only inquire about Islam from people trusted for their honesty and religious knowledge.

f) Never participate in non-Islamic occasions because we are a Muslim and our religion is the true religion of Allah.  We only have two Islamic Eids (festivals): one is the first day of the tenth lunar month (name Shawwal) and the other is the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month (named Thul-Hijjah).

g) When we intend to do a good deed, do it for the sake of Allah and His reward.

h) Always depend on Allah and resort to Him in all that concerns us. Thank Allah for His kindness and remember that you always need Allah’s help and assistance.

i) Always remember that Allah is seeing us. That He is always with us because He fully knows what we are doing and what we are up to. Bear in mind that Allah is able to do whatever He wants.

j) Whenever we commit a sin, turn to Allah in repentance, ask Him forgiveness, and never despair or say: “I have committed many sins, therefore, I won’t repent.” Never hold a negative attitude about Allah because Allah is very Merciful, Most forgiving.

 Do we want success and prosperity? Yes we do, so we should be patient because the path to Hell Fire in the Hereafter is very easy and everyone can take this path easily (but the consequences are extremely appalling and regrettable!).

On the other hand, the path to Paradise in not that easy, therefore, we must maintain patience, keep steady, and have control over our lusts and evil desires to win this priceless reward.

“May Allah guide us all. Aameen”


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