The Word “Beauty”

The Word “Beauty”

To know the meaning of “Beauty” we have to go first through the category of human beings: People in our life can be divided into two categories:

1) People who dedicate their life for themselves only, to reach their own goals, who only think about their happiness, and who might not find the time to think about their families’ issues, and those are called selfish., some people under this category might be materialistic, other might be superficial. However, I really wish that your and I are not one of the members of this category.

2) People who at first priority dedicate like 50-60-70-80 % of their time to help other people who surround them, to guide them to the shore when they need so, who listen to them, advice them, support and care about/of them. People who seek to make all who surround them happy and cheerful, faithful and religious, people who always remind other people of their principles, of their morals and values. AND at same time, they have the time to think, dream , and realize their own goals, who listen to their families’ issues participate at all events, and who always welcome everybody with a smile no matter if they have or don’t have the time for them, people who let others take first priorities before them. And Yes, This category really exists, and those are called “angelic people”.

 Well, I do realize that “angelic people” might be a little bit rare these days, but they truly exist. and I do realize that life became very tough these days specially for those who want to improve and prove themselves, but yet, if you aren’t of the “angelic people category” and you belong to the “Selfish category”, believe me, you are missing too much.  When you sacrifice your time for others, when you focus a part of your time willing to make people who surround you happy, believe me, you are going to be happy at the end, you are really going to feel like you made something, that you achieved a very precious goal.  Who of us can deny his happiness after being promoted, or achieving a goal or passing an exam? And I can tell, that “drawing a smile on the face of someone whether they are a friend or not can really make they day and your day.

 To belong to the 2nd category, I think we have to know, and feel what the meaning of “Beauty” is.

  • Have you ever held a rose in your hand and you had the time to stare at her petals, then your allowed your hands to feel how soft are these petals? And how tiny and accurate are her veins?
  • Have you ever had the time to pass your hands over the face of a little baby? 
  • Have you ever had the time to get down on the floor to play with a child whether you know him or not? To may be tickle him, hug him, or just to smile at him so as to draw a smile on his face?
  • Have you ever had the time to watch when the sea gives birth to the sun everyday at the morning, and then at night when the sun returns again to rest between the arms of her beloved sea?
  • Have you ever kept looking ages and ages for this tender moon watching upon all those stars covering the sky at night? And admired the way Allah cares about them?  
  • Have you ever thought about getting out your car just to help an old person to cross the street?
  • Have you ever had the time to visit some orphans and just spend the day with them? Have you ever thought about visiting those people whom are relative to you, just for the sake of Allah?

Well, if you did not do any of the above, then you are really too busy to think about so many good things Allah created  for you, and offered them to you. You were too busy to think about so many good things Allah gave you the chance to enjoy them,  to think of them, then to thank Allah  about them. 

If you had the time to do one or more or all those above things, believe me, you were going to feel great, and happiness was going to be jumping out of the deepest of your heart. I do not want to overload you with my thoughts, I just want to remind you of so many good things in life, and so many good things that can ease up your heart in those days you are feeling down.

We really should know what “BEAUTY” is.

We should know how to feel “BEAUTY”.

We should get out of these days in which, all we care about is Money we must all remember that money is a way to realize happiness, not a goal to reach. Money cannot buy neither families, nor children, nor appetite, nor faith.

Money can buy us a house, but not comfort

Money can buy us as a bed, but often we don’t fall asleep; and if we do, sometimes we have nightmares.  Nothing worth more than  sleeping at night thanking Allah for all those things he offered us, and feeling pure and true satisfaction.

What are we waiting for?

We can’t be criticizing Materialistic people, selfish people, and yet we have some of their characters, we should go ahead, and change ourselves at the beginning.  Simple daily good actions lead to a good change in the behavior.  We must have the will, and Yes, we do have the will. let us take the hand of one another and guide them to a land filled with faith and religion, beauty, roses, birds and pigeons, lakes, old style houses and white horses, where pure air can fill our chest with a new hope each day and a truthful smile coming from the deepest of our heart, at this time our soul will be renovated, routine will be excluded, and we will be once again “angelic Human being” who are thanking Allah every minute for all these gifts he offered us.

May be I dream too much,  But I have learnt that it is better to allow myself to dream, for as long as this isn’t going to harm me, and will make me  think truly and deeply in all gifts Allah offered us, I have learnt that this is better from closing myself inside of a materialistic world  and I just keep blaming people and circumstances.  Go ahead, extend your arm, and sure there is someone who cares who will take your hand and don’t forget: “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm”.

“Beauty is inside the eye of the beholder”.


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