I Yearn

I Yearn

All praises are for You Allah
How I know that You are there
For sinful though I surely am
Your displeasure I cannot bear
Never till this moment
Did I realize how much I’ve strayed
Never was I more conscious
Of the times I should have prayed
Ya Allah! Forgive me
Save me from the fire of Hell
Forgive me as You did my ancestors
From Jannah though they fell
Ya Allah! Protect me from all evil
For my soul is frail and weak
Let me not falter ever
For Jannah’s the abode I seek
My actions once were guided
By my faith which once was strong
Ya Allah! Please give me guidance
What happened? What went wrong?
Each footstep that I used to take
I took with You by my side
The Qur’an was my close companion
My healing and my guide
Ya Allah! Please help me
For I don’t understand and thus, I fear
What happened to all those days
When I never doubted You were near?
I sit here and I wonder Oh Allah,
Why did I fall so low?
What happened to my faith Allah?
Where did my Iman go?
How I yearn for those days Allah
For I know that the Day comes near
When each soul receives its just rewards
And Truth stands sparkling clear
In this short life of ours
So often does sin seem right
Falsehood seems to be the truth
Like day confused with night
Life is like a spider’s web Allah
We get caught in its tricky snare
So often are we disillusioned
Time for prayer we cannot spare

We are sinful creatures Allah
So please forgive us when we wrong
For the road to Jannah is rocky
And the journey seems arduously long
Ya Allah! Our Creator,
Have mercy on us on Judgment Day
Please guide us with our steps in life
And let us not ever lose our way
All praises are for You Allah
I know that You are near
I know that You have read my heart
And my words I know You hear.


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