To Jannah

To Jannah

Its hard for a bird to fly through the air with water on its wings.
What about us flying to Jannah, when its the whole world that we cling?

We have the map to Paradise, yet behind our backs it gets hurled.
The path to Jannah gets abandoned out of love for this world.

Left and right Muslims are selling their faith for temporary pleasures.
Because many have lost sight of the Jannah and its everlasting treasures.

There’s only one path to Paradise, and following vain desires is not the way.
Its time to turn back to Allah’s map, there’s more to this life then just play.

Its a blessing to be a Muslim; considering how many others are lost.
Yet the title of a Muslim is nothing if our submission we have tossed.

This life is so short; come on listen up, this aren’t some sort of joke.
If we don’t get our acts together, in the next life we may go up in smoke.

Lets turn back to Allah come on, lets not waist another day.
Lets get back on track. Oh Allah, from the true path, don’t let us sway!

Lets seek our help from Allah, we got to follow Him as much as we can.
If you are not using the map to Jannah; where are you going, what’s your plan?

This life is so short, lets wake up and see where were heading.
We have the map to Paradise, so on it lets get up and start treading.

The web of a spider is weak, yet it overpowers the fly.
This dunyaa is worthless, so don’t let its web catch your eye


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