The Evils Of Envy.

The Evils Of Envy.

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Beware of envy because indeed envy destroys good deeds in the same manner as fire destroys wood.”

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Envy appears to take over destiny.”

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Allah the Almighty said to Musa (AS), Oh son of Imran, don’t be envious of what I have given to people from my grace and don’t enchant your eyes with the blessings and don’t put your soul in search of them, because the envious person is unhappy at my blessings that I have distributed among my servants.”

Rasulullah (SAW) said: Beware! Don’t be enemy of blessings of Allah. (He was asked: Oh Rasulullah (SAW) “who are those who keep enmity with the blessings of Allah Ta’ala?” Rasulullah (SAW) replied: “Those who are envious.”

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Beware! Indeed a disease that afflicted past nations before you has reached you like an ant and that is envy because it doesn’t eat hair but eats away (your) religion.”

Ali (RA) said: “Envy is a disease without remedy.”
“Envy is worst of diseases.”
“The envious person is permanently sick.”
“The health of body is in absence of envy.”
“Envy is prison for spirit.”
“Envy is an exhausting ride.”
“Envy is the great trap of Shaytaan.”
“Envy is the source of humiliations.”
“The one who loves envy, is loved by the troubles.”
“ The fruit of envy is the misery of world and the hereafter.”
“Envy weakens the body.”
“Envy dulls the complexion.”
“The envious person cannot get relief (from envy).”
“The envious person cannot be a leader.”
“ The envious person is angry over the destiny.”
“ An envious person is a bad companion.”
“ The one who gives up envy is loved by the people.”
“ Expecting good advice from envious is fruitless.”
“ It is enough for you that the envious person is sad at your happiness.”
“ The envious is fast to leap in an attack while slow in showing kindness.”
“ The envious person is sick although he (apparently) possesses healthy body.”
“ The envious person has many unfulfilled desires and his sins are double.”
“ Envy doesn’t bring anything other than harm and anger and weakens your heart and makes your body sick.”
“May Allah deal with envy! For what an enemy it is! It kills the one who has it.”
“The one who is envious imagines that the blessing possessed by envied will be lost and reach him.”
“ The envious person looks like a loving friend by his speech, but hides malice behind his actions, he is friend only by name but by his characteristics, he is an enemy.”
“ I have not seen an oppressor so similar to oppressed like an envious person, (because he is) with permanently sick soul, disturbed heart and inseparable sorrow.”


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