The Beauty and Uniqueness Of Rasulullah (SAW)

The Beauty and Uniqueness Of Rasulullah (SAW)

Our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW) is the best and unique creation of Allah. There is none like him and there never will be.  No one except Allah knows the true  status of  Rasulullah (SAW) .there are  numerous  qualities  Rasulullah (SAW) that are  exclusive  to him  and  make him unique and  superior  to  the rest  of  creation.  Insha Allah  below  a  few  of  these  unique  qualities  will  be  listed  and  it  is  sure  to increase our love and respect for our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW). 

· His sacred body never cast a shadow, whether in sunlight, moonlight or candlelight.

· He  was  always  outstanding  in  height  when  he  sat  or  walked  even  amongst  the  tallest people in a crowd.

· His Shahada finger was the same length as his middle finger.

· Sleep never broke his wudhu.

· When he smiled, rays of light beamed from his teeth.

· If he stepped on a rock, it melted to comfort his footsteps.

· Stones and trees greeted him saying,  “Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaika Ya Rasulullah” when he passed them along his path.

· Angels and clouds shaded him when he walked in sunshine.

· His brilliant face glowed at night and outshone the radiance of the full moon.

· The moon moved according to the direction of his fingers when he played in his cradle as

a child.

· He could see behind him as he could see ahead of him.

· He could see in darkness as he could see in light.

· His perspiration always had a strong fragrance similar to Kastori Musk, which is rare and

is rated as the most fragrant and most expensive Attar in the world.

· The first thing that Allah created was his noor and hence he is the first creation of

Almighty Allah.

· He will be the first person to be raised on the Day of Judgment.

· He will be the first person to knock on the door of Jana to be opened.

· He  will  be  the  first  person  to  cross  the  Pul  Sirat  (The  Bridge  that  lies  above  Jahannam leading to Jannah).

· He will be the first person to enter Jannah followed immediately by his beloved daughter

Fatima Zahra (RA)

· The huge crowd that will assemble at the Pul Sirat to cross the bridge will be ordered to shut their eyes because the beloved daughter of Rasulullah (SAW) Fatima (RA) will be crossing the bridge to Jannah.

· He  will  be  the  first  person  to  be  granted  the  power  of  intercession  on  the  Day  of Judgment.

· He  will  hold  the  flag  of  ‘Liwaa’ul  Hamd’  in  his  hand  on  the  Day  of  Qiyamah  under which all Prophets will assemble.

· He will be the first person to make Sajda to Allah and to see his Lord on the Day

of Qiyamah.

· He will make Shafa’at (intercede) for the children (minors) of the Mushrikeen.

· He never yawned.

· A fly never sat on his body or clothes.

· A lice or mosquito never bit or harmed him.

· He is aware of the names of every person who will enter Jannah and all those who will be sentenced to the Fire of Hell.

· His knowledge when compared to the knowledge of Allah is of no comparison similar to a

drop  weighed  against  the  ocean,  and  the  knowledge  of  the  entire  creation  is  of  no  comparison when compared to his knowledge.

· He is the first Mu’min (believer) who declared the Tawheed of Allah.

· He  will  be  the  only  distributor  of  Divinely  Blessed  water  at  the  Fountain  of  Kauthar  on the Day of Qiyamah.

· He was created as the ultimate mercy for the entire universe.

· No Ummah’s of the past Prophets accumulated the Sunnah’s of their respected Prophets as the Sahabah of his Ummah did for him.

· A Shaytaan is born with every human an


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  1. Inayat shakeel says:

    I love allah coz i love muhammad s.a.w

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