Religions always speak of peace

 But hatred always does increase

 Prejudice we won’t release

 So wars and famines never cease

 If only man would learn to share

 And moral bridges all repair

 Man’s tragedies would be more rare

 When true Faith we’d love declare

 Thank Allah for His Word we see

 We are to stand, in this world like a tree

 Strong and rooted in his Word

 Telling others what we’ve heard

 Dark or bright, sunshine or rain

 Allah is with us through every pain

 Our leaves may wither and fade away

 Our branches may get broken and fall astray

 Our trunk may lean, or be bowed down

 Allah promised to always be around

 Have faith in Allah and His love

 Yaqeen with HIS promises

 He loves us all the same

 Thank Him and praise his name!

 O Allah let us neither weep nor wane

 Because the skies will smile again

 And when we feel the weight of care

 Remember God is always there

 Just remember other’s share

 Act with kindness and be fair

 And when this world is led astray

 Of the enjoyments of life and aimless play

 The sincere ones will devotedly pray

 So that inner faith will never fray…

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “There is no human being who is wounded and yet, forgives the giver of the wound, for whom Allah will not exalt the injured party’s dignity and diminish such a person’s faults.”


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