The Beauty Of Rasulullah (SAW

The Beauty Of Rasulullah (SAW)

Upon an occasion Anas (RA) was sitting with Rasulullah (SAW). He would look at Rasulullah (SAW) and then look up towards the moon. He did this twice when Rasulullah (SAW) asked: “What are you doing?” Anas (RA) replied: “I was looking at the moon and then at you. The moon still has some dark patches but you don’t!”
Rasulullah (SAW) face was fair, attractive and round. Whenever Rasulullah (SAW) was pleased, Rasulullah (SAW) face shone like the moon, but it would turn crimson when Rasulullah (SAW) was angry.
If sweat appeared on Rasulullah (SAW) face, the beads glistened like pearls and the fragrance of Rasulullah (SAW) perspiration excelled the smell of musk.
Rasulullah (SAW) cheeks were soft, Rasulullah (SAW) forehead wide and Rasulullah (SAW) eyebrows thin and arched. Rasulullah (SAW) eyes were wide with black pupils, while the whites were mixed with crimson. Rasulullah (SAW) had long thick eyelashes.
The bridge of Rasulullah (SAW) nose was high and shiny. Rasulullah (SAW) mouth was wide and there were spaces between each of Rasulullah (SAW) teeth. Rasulullah (SAW) teeth were bright appearing like tiny hailstones when Rasulullah (SAW) smiled and they sparkled as Rasulullah (SAW) talked.
Rasulullah (SAW) beard was black, thick and full, covering most of Rasulullah (SAW) chest. A few gray hairs showed on Rasulullah (SAW) ear lobes and chin.

Head, Neck and Hair:

Rasulullah (SAW) had a large head and a long neck. Rasulullah (SAW) hair was slightly curly and Rasulullah (SAW) wore it parted in the middle. Sometimes Rasulullah (SAW) kept it so long it touched both shoulders, while at other times it fell just above or below Rasulullah (SAW) ear lobes. Rasulullah (SAW) had a few gray hair above Rasulullah (SAW) forehead but there were no more than twenty gray hairs on Rasulullah (SAW) Head and Beard altogether.


Rasulullah (SAW) was big boned with large elbows, shoulders, knees and wrists. Rasulullah (SAW) palms and feet were wide. Rasulullah (SAW) arms were heavy and hairy and Rasulullah (SAW) heels and calves were light. Rasulullah (SAW) had broad and hirsute shoulders but Rasulullah (SAW) chest was broad and hairless, with only a line of hair running from Rasulullah (SAW) chest to Rasulullah (SAW) navel.

Build and Stature:

Rasulullah (SAW) was of a medium build, being neither fat nor thin. Rasulullah (SAW) had a straight body. Although Rasulullah (SAW) was not particularly tall, Rasulullah (SAW) rose above most men in height.

To end the post, Two verses (couplets) are narrated from Ayesha (RA), the meaning of which is: “that if the friends of Zulaikha could see the blessed face of Rasulullah (SAW), they would have cut their hearts instead of their hands.” (From the Commentary of Sharmaa-il Tirmidhi)


One comment on “The Beauty Of Rasulullah (SAW

  1. Bie says:

    I love the way you ended the blog with Aisha(RA)’s comment. Mashallah I never hear things like this! That’s a beautiful comment!

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