Faith In Allah

Faith In Allah

When a feeling of sadness blankets my mind, I seek protection in Allah’s prayers and I find, a path, an angel to guide me through my days of uncertainty.

When a person speaks of revenge and jealousy, I cradle myself in the pages of the Quran,
Recite the verses and I find, a new light in which I perceive the world, my ears find a tranquil place, as I hear my voice praise Allah’s names.

As I learn and at times I grow dismal on understanding life’s ways.
I shall try not to be confused; for I know Allah does what’s best in return.

When I experience success, I shall not forget who has given it to me.
I always will remember Allah in whatever I do, for praying to Allah in return, will grant me success in times to come.

When I feel betrayal from the world, as though no one cares or loves me enough, I will not cry, or drift away from Allah. As Allah leaves His arms open, as a mother to her kids.
And I shall return unto Him.

This life is a test from Allah, to see how well I shall do. I shall not give into the hardships that I will experience in time, I shall not give into mistakes, which can conquer minds…

This world is a difficult journey, an obstacle to overcome, especially in the times we live in, not everyday is bright and fun. I shall remember Allah in all that I do, for Allah is the only one, so great, so true.


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