“A Perfect Muslim.”

“A Perfect Muslim.”

Is a “a perfect Muslim” one who is correct in the observance of the salaah, the fasting, the zakah (payment of a certain portion of one’s wealth to the poor), and the Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah)? This indeed is not the case. If the ritual observances do not help the person to be humble, virtuous and truly Allah-fearing, then he or she is not a real Muslim. A Muslim should be good and just in dealing with others, no matter their religion, and take special care to keep away from all the shameful and sinful things Allah (God) has forbidden.

To summarize the teachings of Islam about the Muslim character:
BE truthful in everything,
DON’T lie.
BE sincere and straightforward,
DON’T be hypocritical.
BE honest,
DON’T be corrupt.
BE humble,
DON’T be boastful.
BE moderate,
DON’T be excessive.
BE reserved,
DON’T be garrulous.
BE soft-spoken,
DON’T be loud.
BE refined and gentle in speech,
DON’T cure and use foul language.
BE loving and solicitous to others,
DON’T be unmindful of them.
10) BE considerate and compassionate,
DON’T be harsh.
BE polite and respectful to people,
DON’T be insulting or disrespectful.
BE generous and charitable,
DON’T be selfish and miserly.
BE good natured and forgiving,
DON’T be bitter and resentful.
Share and BE content with what Allah has given you,
DON’T be greedy.
BE cheerful and pleasant,
DON’T be irritable and morose.
BE loving to each other, BE chaste and pure,
DON’T be lustful.
BE alert and aware of the world around you,
DON’T be absent-minded.
18) BE dignified and decent,

DON’T be graceless.
19) BE optimistic and hopeful,
DON’T be cynical or pessimistic.
20) BE confident and have deep faith,
DON’T be doubtful and wavering.
21) BE spiritually oriented and
DON’T materialistic.
22) BE confident of the mercy of Allah,
DON’T be despairing and lose heart.
23) BE diligent and vigilant of your duties,
DON’T be negligent.
24) BE thankful to Allah and constantly pray to Him,
DON’T be forgetful of His innumerable blessings.


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