Khalid bin Al-Waleed (RA)

Khalid bin Al-Waleed (RA)

“When Allah decides a matter, it is done. I have dedicated my life to the way of Allah, Most High. Man intends one thing, but Allah intends another. The earth destroys its fools, but the intelligent destroy the earth. If you are truthful you will survive. If you lie you shall perish. I am the noble warrior, I am the Sword of Allah, I am Khalid bin Al Waleed.” the famous verses that Khalid bin Al Waleed use to recite in the battle field

Khalid bin Al Waleed (RA) became Muslim just three years before Rasulullah (SAW) died. One day, Rasulullah (SAW) asked Khalid’s Muslim brother Al- Mugheerah, “Where is Khalid (RA)? He shouldn’t be ignorant about Islam since he knows better!” Al- Mugheerah sent a letter to Khalid (RA) telling him what Rasulullah (SAW) had said. Khalid (RA) decided to embrace Islam. He went to Medina with Amr ibn Al-As and both of them became Muslim in front of Rasulullah (SAW).

The Sword of Allah
Rasulullah (SAW) gave Khalid (r) the name “The Sword of Allah”. Even though Khalid (RA) did not participate in the early battles, Rasulullah (SAW) knew that Khalid (RA) would fight to raise the word of Islam. Rasulullah’s (SAW) prediction about Khalid (RA) was right, because Khalid (RA) became the one who defeated both empires, Rome and Persia. He was the one who conquered the traitors lead by Musailama the liar. He was also the one who opened Bilad Ashaam and Iraq. All this happened during the time when Abu Bakr (RA) and Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (RA) ruled.

The Battle of Mu’tah
Khalid (RA) fought next to Rasulullah (SAW) in some battles, for example, Tabuk, Hunain, and the battle of Ta’if. In Hunain, the enemy ambushed the Muslims and many of them ran away. It is said that only twelve Sahabah were left fighting and protecting Rasulullah (SAW). Meanwhile, Khalid (RA) was inside enemy lines fighting them. When he heard Al-Abbas calling for the Muslims, he pulled back and went to Rasulullah (SAW). He, along with Umar (RA), Ali (RA) and Abu-Bakr (RA), fought fiercely around Rasulullah (SAW). Khalid (RA) was wounded awfully in this battle. But his ultimate battle was the Battle of Mu’tah.  Rasulullah (SAW) had sent messengers to a few Arabian tribes including the tribe of Al-Talh, inviting them to Islam. All of messengers were murdered except for the one who went back to tell Rasulullah (SAW). Rasulullah (SAW) had sent messengers to Heracles, the Roman Leader in Bilad Ashaam. But in the middle of the road, the tribe of Ghassan captured the messengers and had them killed. Rasulullah (SAW) swore to punish both tribes for such evil crimes. Rasulullah (SAW) decided to send three thousand men led by Zaid ibn Harith. If he was killed, then Ja’far ibn Abi-Talib would lead, and if he was killed, then Abdullah ibn Rawaha, and if he was killed, then the Muslims would have to choose their new leader. Khalid (RA) was with the Muslims in this legion. The Muslim army went forward until they reached the city of Ma’an and stayed there for two nights. They found out that the Arab tribes had gathered an army of 100 thousand men and that Rome had sent another army of 100 thousand men to help the Arab tribes. There were 200 thousand men against three thousand Muslims! But the Muslims were not afraid because they had faith in Allah. Both armies moved on and met in an area called Mu’tah, which is now a small city in Jordan. Both sides released ferocious attacks at each other, and the three Muslim leaders were killed, so the Muslims chose Khalid (RA) to lead the army against the massive army. Khalid (RA) continued the fight until night time. Then, using his excellent war strategies, he pulled out his small army and switched the wings. Then, he ordered few men to go behind the hills and make rumble and dust to create an illusion that Muslim backups were approaching. The next day, both armies went into a more brutal battle, but the Kuffar thought that the Muslims had gotten more backup, so both the Romans and the Arabs panicked and cowardly ran from the battle field with the small and courageous Muslim army chasing them. The Muslims won this incredible battle under the noble leadership of Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed.

Khalid bin Waleed Death.
Khalid ibn Al-Waleed (RA) died when he was 55, during the rule of Umar ibn Al-Khattaab (RA). Khalid (RA) was living in the city of ‘Hums, in Syria. When he died, he left two things behind, his horse and his sword. He was a great warrior, even before he was with the Muslims. Actually, part of the reason that the Muslims lost the battle of Uhud was because of him. On his deathbed, he was sad because he wanted to die as a Shaheed. His last words were: “I die even as a camel dies. I die in bed, in shame. May the eyes of cowards never find rest in sleep.”

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