My Test

My Test

I have been told numerous times,
That the journey to Jannah is not a free ride.
Trials and tests is something I must face
To distinguish between the true and weak-faith.

True love for Allah always sees me through
I keep making du’aa, and Allah responds to me

Nay! He is not named Al-Mujeeb for nothing
Verily, Allah truly is The Responsive.
The plea of His slave, He loves to Hear

Patience is a virtue that must be attained
By the Will of Allah, Jannah will be gained.
With every hardship definitely comes ease
Allah is MY Witness, Al-Shaheed.

Along with patience comes gratitude
Allah’s The Loving, Al-Wadud.
Truly He loves me when I obey
If I stick to Islam, I will never go astray.

Tribulations befall those whom Allah loves,
Passing His tests makes me free like as a dove.
To know that I stuck through it with Him
Truly Allah Knows all, He’s Al-‘Aleem!


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