Ok this is going to be a post that I WOULD REALLY LIKE YOUR COMMENTS ON, why when a women defends herself, she is taken to task? When she mentions the “husband or ex-husbands” name she is bad very bad, and is asked to remove it? Someone has something to hide? And then her blog is stalled till his complains are abided by… fair or not?

Readers have I done wrong by standing, by my word and rules of MY BLOG?

In wonder….




  1. muslimah says:

    As sala’amu alaikum
    When I feel like giving up,I remember why I held on for so long in the first place.
    Defeat may test me; but it will not stop me. “If at first you don’t succeed, try another way. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up.”
    Walaikum as salaam

  2. Missy says:

    Sister Muslimah.
    I’m so so so glade you have not given in to people who want to bring you down or shall i say those who have evil in their heart and mind, I’m glade as well that you have not stopped blogging, may allah thee almighty take you from strength to strength, and shower your life with happiness, and may allah give you the best always. Amen.

  3. A Student-MSA says:

    Sister Muslimah, As a women you have the right to your views, Islam does not forbid a women from saying how she feels, so sister do not listen to those persons, trying to silence you. They are indeed immature, and wanting to hide the truth,they seem to forget that Allah knows and sees all. Sister Muslimah, please continue as you have, for you are a wonderful and great inspiration for many. Our duas are always with you.
    The Muslim Student Association.

  4. What a bully says:

    Yip what a bully, is that person or persons telling you what to do! Guess their reading skills are not up to par, or maybe they cant read English, sister, your comment policy says it all , and you doing right, sister, don’t allow yourself to be bulled! By some immature person or persons! May allah protect you against them, amen.

  5. A Fellow Muslimah says:

    Muslimah, you have rules to your comments which you follow, and people should respect that. You have done nothing wrong, it is the narrow-minded people that do not understand what rules are,they try break someone down,and they wanting to create a low self-esteem you, sister don’t let them get to you, you are indeed a great inspiration, may allah reward you for that, amen.

  6. Aah 2 Silence says:

    Sister, when the truth is spoken, someone will want you 2 be silent, sister be not silent, your blog, is your voice, and your right. I really love your blog and the inspiration you give, may Allah reward you,keep you safe,and may Allah shower your life with happiness AMEN.

  7. Suhail says:

    Sister Muslimah, men take women to task when the men are wrong, and hate to admit it, but it is those men who are proud, haughty and arrogant. You have the right to defend yourself on your blog, after all is your blog. :) My family and I, feel that Allah did not bless the community with you, but Allah has blessed us by us reading and learning from you from your blog, and for this means we are grateful to Allah, May Allah keep you going strong doing what you doing,may all benefit, amen.
    Suhail and family.

  8. You Right. says:

    Sister Muslimah, you states what comments you allow on your blog, so you not in the wrong, and Sister YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF, keep up the great blog, may allah almighty reward you, amen.
    Ps, if you ask me someone is jealous ;) like the saying goes “jealousy makes you nasty” and someone is nasty to you, many are standing with you

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