10 Things We Will Never Benefit From

10 Things We Will Never Benefit From

There are 10 things that we will never find benefit in:

1) Knowledge which is void of action.
2) Actions which are void of sincerity to Allah, and void of exemplification of the Sunnah. (These two conditions constitute the act being accepted by Allah i.e. Ikhlas and Ittiba`a)
3) Wealth which is not spent in the way of Allah, so the one who exhausted all of his energy amassing it will not benefit from it in this life, nor will he see the fruits of it in the hereafter.
4) A heart which is void of the love of Allah and the ardent desire to meet him.
5) A body which is void of obedience to Allah.
6) A love for other than Allah which is void of any boundaries. (I.e. unconditional)
7) Time which is void of benefit and the individual does not take advantage of it to do actions which would bring him closer to Allah.
8) A thought which goes through the individuals mind and will bring him no benefit.

9) Doing a favor for someone who, that favor will not bring him closer to Allah nor will it benefit him in the affairs of his livelihood.
10) Fear and hope of someone whose forelock is in the hands of Allah, like a captive in the company of his master, who can bring no benefit or harm to himself or others, nor can he give life to the dead nor does he have any power over resurrection.


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