Words Are Mightier

Words Are Mightier

The Pen said to the Sword: “I am mightier than you; I can make you think and act the way I want you to. My words are convincing. I can make you change your life, I have the power. It’s within the words that I write.”

The Sword replied: “What you say may be true. But I can kill you. Cut you into a thousand pieces. I can strike fear into your heart. And keep you awake all night. I can take over your country. Your words are no match for my might.”

 The Pen spoke one last time: “You may hurt the body. But you cannot harm the mind. You may take my life, this is true. But my words will never fade. They will outlast you forever. And your glittering edges will become dull. And it is my words and not your deeds that the World Will Remember.”


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