Personal Comment

Personal Comment

As sala’amu alaikum

Ok I have received a rather personal comment from someone named  AMuslim and the “email address” started with “f”, so this is a personal message please can you email me your real email address, the one you commented on does not exists! Although your IP is from the University of Utah… see my contact detail page the email address to contact is there, don’t worry I am not a “Bitter Person”  I am only a wife who is hurt.

Walaikum as salaam

بنت محمد

Bint Muhammed,

“O’Allah do not call me to account for what they say, and forgive me for what they have no knowledge me, and make me better then they imagine. Aameen Thuma Aameen”

Rumi said “The Lord lives in every heart. So if you desire to win your Lord’s pleasure, do not break anyone’s heart”.


One comment on “Personal Comment

  1. Justified says:

    Sister even if you feel bitter, you have the right to be, a man should defend his wife and family. I do understand what you are trying to say in your post, and you have that right, as for someone to deny a wife a right is wrong, I admire you for defending your marriage, your husband and your family. Many will not look deep into what you are trying to say, your love for your husband, through all the hurt you are going through shines through, may allah the mighty open your husbands eyes, mind, soul and heart, to recieve and return your love the way you deserve. Amen.

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