The Greatest Is..

The Greatest Is..

The highest aim in life To know Allah and do His will
The most enriching good habitComplimenting others
The most destructive bad habitWorry
The greatest joy Giving
The greatest lossLoss of self-respect
The most satisfying work Helping others
The ugliest personality traitSelfishness
The most endangered specieDedicated Husband
Our greatest natural resourceOur youth
The ugliest look A frown
The greatest “shot in the arm” – Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome Fear
The most effective sleeping pillPeace of mind
The most crippling failure diseaseExcuses
The surest way to displease AllahUnbelief
The most powerful forces in lifeLove
The most dangerous piranhaA gossiper
The Greatest Life-Giver The Creator
The worlds most incredible computerThe brain
The worst thing to be withoutHope
The deadliest weaponThe tongue
The two most power-filled words“I Can”
The greatest assetFaith
The most worthless emotionSelf-pity
The most beautiful attireA Smile!
The most prized possessionSelf esteem
The most powerful channel of communicationPrayer
The most contagious spiritEnthusiasm
The most urgent needSalvation
The greatest attribute of the prophetsObedience

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