Going To Be Away..

Going To Be Away..

As sala’amu alaikum

A sweet short post to let you know I will be away from the 9th October till +-12th October … I sincerely hope that I be able to excess the internet where I will be *smile*… so keep your comments coming, I do appreciate them, and if you have any ideas on how I can improve my blog, please let me know, I’m thinking of changing my blog theme and maybe URL as well… good idea or not?? Looking forward to your ideas *smile*

Walaikum as salaam

بنت محمد
Bint Muhammed


“O’Allah do not call me to account for what they say, and forgive me for what they have no knowledge me, and make me better then they imagine. Aameen Thuma Aameen”


3 comments on “Going To Be Away..

  1. A READER says:

    Love your blog, love your blog, really love your blog , thanks for all you share, and inspire :) may allah reward you, grant you all the happiness you deserve . Amen

  2. Suhail says:

    Mashallah, sister your blog is great, your wording, layout, advices, most of all your clean forgiving heart, to a man {Imam Muhammad Shoayb} who does appreciatte the wife he has, his lost. Keep up the great blog. On the light side, you have proved that a women is smarter then a man ,my sisters cheer you on :)

  3. A fan says:

    I love your blog the way it is, it makes one feel motivated, it has wisdom and looks that way as well, keep up the great work sister. May truly bless you.Amen

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