Justice of ALLAH

Justice of ALLAH

Musa (AS) was once passing by a stream that was flowing from the foot of a mountain. He performed his wudhu and climbed up the mountain to perform Salaah. After a short time, a man on horseback came along and drank some water from the stream. As he left, he forgot to take his bag of dirhams with him. After a while, a shepherd came along. He saw the bag of money and took it with him. A while later an old man came along. He was really old and on his head he carried a bundle of wood. He placed the wood aside and lied down close to the stream to rest. Not long after, the horseman returned looking for his lost bag of money. He asked the old man where it was but the old man replied that he had no knowledge of it. They began arguing and finally the horseman struck the old man such a blow that he fell down dead on the spot.  Musa (AS) saw all of this and asked ALLAH: “Where is the justice?”
ALLAH sent down revelation to him explaining the issue: “The old man had killed the horseman’s father and the horseman owed some money to the shepherd’s father. The amount of money in the bag was precisely the same as the debt owed. In this way the rightful punishment was given out to the murderer and the debt was paid back.”
ALLAH explained to Musa (AS): “I am a judge who is just.”
(Reference: Hayaa ul Hayawaan)

Lesson: Things may outwardly appear unjust to the eyes of man, but man is incapable of understanding the perfect wisdom and system of ALLAH. ALLAH is completely just in every single decision of His.

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