Kept Wondering…

Kept Wondering…

I kept wondering, what is success to me? Is it about having friends, or earning a good degree? Could it be because that Allah was not on my side?  Then I realize that I have been foolish, My INSECURITY is the one that was my leash. Why was I ungrateful to Allah Most Great? Allah’s helping us all the way as Fate. Oh! I’m ashamed for being so proud, now I realize my great big mistake, So I will try and do more good deeds now with sincerity and not like a fake.  Let us learn from this life and tread the virtuous road, Remember that this world is only a temporary abode, Now I live through my life devoted to the Islamic cause  and repent, so Allah will love me despite my flaws. Remember true success is not about having lots of friends In fact, it is about passing Allah’s tests, Happiness is not about showing off our generous part, In fact, it’s about the ATTITUDE of our hearts. Say: “I like who I am and I’m glad to be me. I love being a Muslim and Allah sets my heart free! I can feel in my mind and in my little heartbeat. With Allah around, I know I’m never alone’.”


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