The Two Roads…

The Two Roads…

Patience is a virtue. Hastiness is a vice.
Honor, is a must. Disrespect, is an unnecessary lie.
Charity is great. Greed is terrible.
Humbleness is exceptional. Boastfulness will cause you to stumble.
Love, is a necessity. Hate, comes to no good.
Wisdom causes one to think. Foolishness is one to brood.
Faith always heals. Doubt, always fails.
Hope always presses onward. Despair, goes wayward.
To redeem, is a blessing. To enslave, is a curse.
To pity, is alright. To antagonize, is worse.
Mercy it empowers. Intolerance it provokes.
Knowledge always encourages. Ignorance always chokes.
To err is human. To forgive is divine.
One road leads the way to Hell. The other road leads to Paradise.



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