Strengthening Our Character As Muslims

Strengthening Our Character As Muslims

1) We should read and learn to understand the Qur’an. Allah is speaking to us through the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a direct word from Allah. Many different types of people are described in the Qur’an…try to analyze where you stand.   

2) Making our salaah EVERY SINGLE DAY, 5 TIMES a DAY. In every salaah we recite Al-Fatihah (the opening), let us learn what this surah means. This is a CONTRACT we need to renew with Allah 5 times a day. Prayer is a connection between US and Allah it is an appointment Allah set-up with us everyday (what an HONOR).

3) Allah is the Greatest. Nothing can happen without his permission. Allah is in control over EVERY SINGLE thing. Allah knows and sees all that we do and all that we think. Allah knows us more than anyone else.

4) The best of deeds are those that are done all the time (even if it’s small). Let us be consistent in our deeds. Erase a bad deed with a good one.

5) We should strive to gain knowledge on Islam. Read a lot. We should not forget to develop our Taqwa.

6) We should do our best to Be Involved and teaching others (such as friends, etc) what good we learn.

7) We really and truly should be afraid to disobey Allah. Know that Allah is ALWAYS watching us. Strive to please Him.

8) We should continuously make duas. Depend on Allah and we should never stop asking from Allah. We should ask Allah for everything; big and small. We should turn to Allah when we need help we should turn to Allah for everything. Allah knows how we feel, Even if we don’t say it. We only need to show Allah that we want Him.

9) We should repent continuously.  Asking Allah for forgiveness for Allah is the Most Forgiving and He is the only one who can save and help us. Let us be constant in this act.

10) We should always remember and think where we are going to end up after this life. This life is short, and we are just travelers.

11) We should deal with people in the beautiful way of the Islamic Personality. Not because we want people to speak highly of us, But because we want to be perfect in the Eyes of Allah (metaphorical).

12) We should never let our devilish temptations and desires be higher than what Allah’s orders and wants for us. We should Worship and be guided by Allah only, never giving in to Shaytaan or evil temptations.

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