The Manners And Qualities Of Rasulullah (SAW)

The Manners And Qualities Of Rasulullah (SAW)

1) Rasulullah (SAW) was the most gentle hearted, chaste, hospitable and always impressed people by Rasulullah (SAW) piety.
2) Rasulullah (SAW) was the most honest in his talk and the mildest in temper.
3) Rasulullah (SAW) was the most modest and the first one to cast his eye down.
4) Rasulullah (SAW) was the most merciful, generous, gentle and amiable to all people.
5) Rasulullah (SAW) was always in full control of his temper.
6) Rasulullah (SAW) was an accurate, unpretending straightforward speaker.
7) Rasulullah (SAW) spoke inclusively and decisively. It was not excessive nor was it short of meaning.
8) Rasulullah (SAW) was the most courageous. Rasulullah (SAW) witnessed awkward and difficult times but he was steadfast at them.
9) Rasulullah (SAW) had the simplest way of life. Ill-manners and indecency are two qualities alien to him.
10) Rasulullah (SAW) would remain silent. This helped favorably in his habit of meditation and deep investigation into the truth.
11) Rasulullah (SAW) discarded superstitious practices and took an active part in constructive and useful dealings.
12) Rasulullah (SAW) used to visit the poor, the needy and entertain them.
13) Rasulullah (SAW) never contempted or disgraced a poor man for his poverty.
14) Rasulullah (SAW) forbade people to stand up at his presence as other people usually do for their kings.
15) Rasulullah (SAW) was always cheerful, pleasant tempered and lenient.
16) Rasulullah (SAW) was never rough or indecent.
17) Three qualities Rasulullah (SAW) disposed of – hypocrisy, excessiveness and what was none of his concern.
18) Rasulullah (SAW) had stamina, endurance and forgiveness.
19) Righteousness was Rasulullah (SAW) target.


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