My Du’aa to Allah

My Du’aa to Allah

“In the name of Allah The Most Merciful
Your mercy enlightened my soul; I found my purpose, and my reason,
You are my treasure, my light and my hope, My tears of anguish, bring sweetness to my sorrows, I fear Ya Allah, happiness in this world, may take me away from Your remembrance, I seek struggle, only to call out to Your Mercy,  My tears for You, are like the diamonds to my treasure,  Your appearance is unknown to me, yet I have already felt so much of your beauty,  My soul was starving without Your remembrance, and Your Mercy only filled it with sweetness, and brought me back to life, You are the happiness of my soul, and it was the hearing of Your Mercy and Love that set it alight, My attachment to this Duniya, is my longing and yearning to reach close proximity to You, For if, by Your mercy I enter Jannah, I would reminisce on the times I felt your beauty through my worship, even when you were veiled from our eyes,  The vain pleasures of this Duniya are only temporary and a deception, and my struggle against them with Your remembrance,  and feel the coolness in my soul, could never amount to what the pleasure I turned away from could give, My longing to see Your face, is my Jannah in this world, nothing can bring harm to it, or take it away but by my disobedience to You, Help me to remain firm Ya Allah on the Sirat-Al-Mustaqeem, and hold strong to Your rope, for if I am detached from You, I will lose my reason to live, and I will lose my Jannah that I carry with me, Help me to remain sincere and earn nothing but Your pleasure, My desire is to be one of your Beloved. Aameen Thuma Aameen”


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