My Heart…

My Heart

My Heart is a complicated, complexity… it holds the key to beauty and dreams,
to wisdom and strength, to hope and faith, to Love that always lasts
My Heart knows the meaning of fear, the depths of pain, and the struggles within that can’t ever be explained.
My Heart is learning to forgive and forget, finding the faith to still give, despite the worst I have seen.
My Heart knows about insecurity, the fear of being alone, without that special someone.
My Heart knows about making mistakes, failures, finding the strength despite the struggle.
My Heart is an amazing thing it has the ability to grow stronger through pain,
to become more, to gain from the sadness it is in.
My Heart understands even when the mind says that we’ve nothing to gain by sharing our strength, being there for others when they are in pain.
My Heart is gentle, yet strong, giving and warm,
My Heart is the one that makes me the person that I am.


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