What Do We Want To Buy?

What Do We Want To Buy?

Money Will Buy….

1) A Bed…. But Not Sleep

2) Books…. But Not Brains

3) Food…. But Not Appetite

4) Finery…. But Not Beauty

5) A House… But Not A Home

6) Medicine…. But Not Health

7) Luxuries… But Not Culture

8) Amusements…. But Not Happiness

9) A Musjid…. But Not Heaven

What Do We Really Want To Buy? It Is Now Sadly The Last Few Precious Days Of Ramadhaan, Let Us “Buy” The Pleasure Of Allah, For Our Many Sins To Be Forgiven, Those Sins That Are Open And Those Sins That Allah Thee Most Merciful Has Concealed, To Be Saved From Jahannam, For Jannah.

Aah how do we go and “Buy” the pleasure of Allah? Does Allah need the wealth that Allah has blessed this earth with for You and me? No, Allah is not in need of it. To “Buy” the pleasure of Allah is to worship Allah in the most humble, sincere, truthful manner. Your duas do not have to be so perfectly sentenced, it has to be from the deepest place in your heart and soul, tears should not be for show, your tears should be for Allah, Your voice should not be for people, to say “wow what a dua, such tears and such a beautiful voice!” no your dua, tears and voice should be for Allah. To “Buy” Allah’s pleasure it takes true deep sincerity. “Ya Rabb instill in the hearts of your Ummah and I true sincerity in worship, and Glorification of You, Accept our heartful and sincere prayers and duas. Aameen Thuma Aameen”


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