Belief’s of A Muslim

Belief’s of A Muslim

We begin in the name of Allah, the One Who created everyone. We praise Allah Almighty, the One not in need of anyone.
We ask Allah to bless Muhammed (SAW), the last of Allah’s Messengers. No Prophet is born after him; he is the best of Islam’s defenders.
Allah is our Creator; no one else creates. The fact that Allah exists is not a question of debate.
Allah exists with no beginning and Allah is alive without an end. Allah’s life is not like our life; Allah does not descend or ascend.
Allah exists and is alive without being in a place.
Allah has power over all creation; nothing escapes Allah’s sight. Allah hears all that’s hearable; Allah knows all, both wrong and right.
Everything which happens is by the will of Allah. Whatever Allah wills to be shall be both what’s typical and odd.

Allah orders promises and forbids. Allah reveals things to the Prophets; telling others is what the Prophets did.
All Messengers are Prophets; they are the best of men. To Prophets Allah revealed the message; some written with a pen.
Prophets always told the truth from birth until their death. Prophets never blasphemed from birth until their last breath.
Great sins were never done by them nor a sin that’s mean. Prophets are the most beautiful men people have ever seen.
Every Prophet is a Muslim; all had the same belief. Every Prophet told of Paradise and hellfire without relief.
Every person will either dwell in Paradise or in Hell. The dwelling is forever, so follow our Prophet well.
The Prophets lead the people on the path to Paradise. Always follow Rasulullah (SAW) and take his good advice.
Before Rasulullah (SAW) there were many noble Prophets. Isa (AS), Moses (AS), Noah (AS) and Adam (AS) are names of only few.
We love Allah more than anyone and we love the Prophets all. No one deserves worship except Allah, our Lord. This is the Muslim’s call.


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