About Knowledge, Compassion and Accountability

About Knowledge, Compassion and Accountability

“If anyone goes on his way in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the way to paradise” (Muslim)
“The superiority of the learned man over the everyday worshipper is like the superiority of the moon when it is full over the stars” (Tirmidhi)
“The search for knowledge is a sacred duty (faridah) imposed on every Muslim man and woman” (Ibn Majah)
In this light it is the duty of any nation or group of people who call for the law of Islam that they are obliged to ensure education is accessible for all members of that community, men or women. By implication this also means that any non-Muslim living amongst the Muslims is equally entitled to the same access that a Muslim is with regards to education, and its knock on effect of opportunity. There can be no room for discrimination the grounds of race in Islam, nor, as is common today, discrimination on the grounds of gender.
“Have compassion to those who are on earth and Allah will have compassion on you” (Tirmidhi)
“Allah will show no compassion to him who does not have compassion toward all human beings” (Tirmidhi)
As a result of education comes understanding, to care for ones fellow human being. What greater truth can there be but that humanity is one seeking the same goals in life: opportunity, challenge, security and peace.
“ You will not enter paradise until you have faith; and you cannot have faith until you love one another” (Muslim)
Humanity cannot find success until such time as humanity cares for one another. The Quraanic prohibition with regards to loving non-Muslims does not relate to a person who accepts Islam and is then somehow obliged to hating their non-Muslim family; nor does it relate to hating someone who happens to be non-Muslim simply by virtue of their being non-Muslim. Instead the Quran speaks of disliking those who cause harm to the Muslims, and by implication those who are under protection of the Muslim communities e.g. should someone harm a Christian living in any Muslim country, whoever that person may be, Muslim or other, the obligation as a Muslim is to seek justice for that Christian, anything short of this is tantamount to a rejection of the Islamic faith. Consider that the standards of justice within the Muslim community are spoken of in high terms. A non-Muslims living amongst Muslims may be likened to being our guest and as our guest has the right to be treated with the honor, and dignity a guest deserves.
“ In the name of Allah, in whose authority I place my trust” began Rasulullah (SAW), “Not a single person has faith until they want for someone else what they want for themselves” (Bukhari) This is the truth.


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