Remember Our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW)

Remember Our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW)

1) When becoming humiliated, remember the Rasulullah (SAW) in Ta’if.
2) When being starved, remember Rasulullah (SAW) tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of Khandaq.
3) When becoming angry, remember the Rasulullah (SAW) control of anger on the martyrdom of his beloved Uncle Hamza (RA).
4) When losing a tooth, remember Rasulullah (SAW) tooth in the battle of Uhud.
5) When bleeding from any part of the body, remember Rasulullah (SAW) body covered in blood on his return from Ta’if.
6) When feeling lonely, remember Rasulullah (SAW) seclusion in Mount Hira.
7) When feeling tired in Salaat (prayer), remember Rasulullah (SAW) blessed feet in Tahajud (night prayer).
8) When being prickled with thorns, remember Rasulullah (SAW) pain from Abu Lahab’s wife, who scattered thorns in his path so that she may cause him pain.
9) When being troubled by neighbours, remember the old woman who would
empty rubbish on Rasulullah (SAW).
10) When losing a child, remember Rasulullah (SAW) son, Ibrahim.
11) When beginning a long journey, remember Rasulullah (SAW) long journey to Medina.
12) When going against a Sunnah, remember Rasulullah (SAW) intercession, for us (Ummati, Ummati, Ummati) (My Nation).
13) When sacrificing an animal, remember Rasulullah (SAW) sacrifice of 63 animals for his Ummah.
14) Before shaving your beard, remember Rasulullah (SAW) face rejecting the two beardless Iranians.
15) When falling into an argument with your wife, remember Rasulullah (SAW) encounter with Aisha and Hafsa.
16) When experiencing less food in the house, remember Rasulullah (SAW) days of poverty.
17) When experiencing poverty, remember Rasulullah (SAW) advice to Ashaab-e-Suffa (People of Suffah).
18) When losing a family member, remember Rasulullah (SAW) departure from this world.
19) When becoming an orphan, remember the Rasulullah (SAW) age at six.
20) When sponsoring an orphan, remember Rasulullah (SAW) sponsor for Zaid ibn Haritha.
21) When fearing an enemy, remember Rasulullah (SAW) saying to Abu Bakr (RA) in Mount Thaur.

“Whatever situation you may find yourself in, remember your role model, the best of creation: Our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW)


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