Who Is A Person Of Knowledge?

Who Is A Person Of Knowledge?

“May Allah increase us in our knowledge, May we understand, practice and then teach what we know, Aameen Thuma Aameen”  

The pious elders have said: “the person with knowledge is not known by how much he/she has memorized, but rather how much he/she acts upon. So if the knowledge given to people doesn’t show in their actions (piety, humility, etc), then in reality they have no knowledge.”

How true, how many of us have the knowledge but yet we do not practice it? We tell people how to read and respect the Quraan? Do we read and respect the Quraan as we say? We teach on how to perform Salaah. Do we perform Salaah in the manner we teach? Or does our mind wonder? We give advice on how to forgive? But to we genuinely forgive? We give advice on how not to lie? How many lies have we spoken? We give advice on speaking, being arrogant and being rude to people. How do we conduct ourselves?  We give advice on how to be with our spouse? Do we follow that precious advice? The list can go on and on. It sure does make us sit back and wonder on how beneficial is our knowledge to us. What knowledge can we impart if WE do not practice what know? It is said that a person learns from actions. It is of no real use if we do not practice what we say, yes people may listen to what w say, but for how long? When they notice we go and do contrary to what we say.

 “May Allah truly give us the ability to practice before we preach. Aameen”  

 “The scholar is not the one that knows the Halal and the Haraam. The scholar is the one who knows what is Halal and acts on it, and knows what is Haraam and stays
away from it.”
 “Whoever is given knowledge that he does not use has not been given beneficial knowledge.”
Sufyan Ath-Thawree said, “If I act with what I know then I’m the most knowledgeable of people. If I don’t act with what I know then I’m the most ignorant of people.”

Abû-Dardaa’ said, “You will not be a scholar until you act with what you know and benefit from it.”

اللهم زيادة لنا في العلم النافع ، وتعطينا الفهم.

 “Oh Allah increase us in beneficial Knowledge and give us understanding.”


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