I Am In Need…

Asalamualay kum
We are into the 4th day month of Ramadhaan, and I ask you all to please please forgive me if I had offended or upsetted anyone. And I ask you from the bottom of my very heartbroken heart, to please remember me in your duas.
Wasalamualay kum
bint Muhammed.


3 comments on “I Am In Need…

  1. muslimah says:

    As sala’amualaikum
    Rasulullah (SAW) said: “A servant’s two feet will not move on the Day of Judgment until he is questioned about four things: 1) His youth,how did he spent it? 2) His knowledge, how he acted upon it? 3) His wealth, how did he earn it? 4) His body, how he used/wasted it?” (Tirmidhi)
    May Allah Thee Almighty give me the ability to act and practice on the good that I say, at to help me keep my intentions pure.Aameen Thuma Aameen.
    May Allah shower you and your parents with His Mercy, and to bond your love for the pleasure of Allâh. Aameen Thuma Aameen.
    Walaikum as Salam
    “O’Allah do not call me to account for what they say and forgive me for what they have no knowledge of, and make me better then they imagine.Aameen Thuma Aameen”

    ps,should Allah give me the ability,Tawfeeq, and a healthy long life to do the work that pleases my Allah the most, that would make our Rasulullah (SAW) please to have me among his Ummah on the Day of Judgment, I will not only be spreading, and teaching Deen, I too will be learning, May Allah fill our hearts, minds, souls, and lives with knowledge that will benefit us in this world and the next. Aameen Thuma Aameen.

  2. P.s InshaAllah i will learn a lot form you in future, InshaAllah.

  3. Alhamdolillah says:

    JazakAllah, a wonderful idea to persue.. an update, I have already contacted my parents… may Allah fogive me, pray for me please.

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