Who Is Your Wife… Let Me Tell You.

As sala’amu alaikum

Continuing from where I left of last night (somewhere else it is still night, so for you late afternoon), well does my heart still hurt, yes, it does, I truly have no idea if this hurt will ever stop, it something I never thought that I would go through this heartbreak, but going through it I can now understand what other ladies are going through, and I promise it is very hard.

Do I want much, no I do not, all I want is love, affection, honesty, trust and the person I love.

Is that so hard to give? Is it so hard to be honest?

So please remember not just me in your Duas but all the other ladies as well who are going through the toughest roads in life, for the ladies who stood by their husbands through thick and thin, for those ladies who gave and are giving all the love , honesty, trust, and affection.

Walaikum as salaam

ابنة محمد

bint Muhammed

Who Is Your Wife… Let Me Tell You.

1) I am the girl you married and I am your very own wife.
2) I your wife mean I am your partner in everything.
3) I am your other half (i.e. , each is complimentary to each other)
4) A wife means your sweet-heart and darling.
5) I am your wife sent to you from Allah as a gift. By appreciating the gift, you are appreciating Allah.
6)  Women have more in them, Love, Affection, Sympathy, Concern, Sacrifice, Endurance, Patience etc. So PLEASE try to deal with me with these qualities. As I do expect these qualities from my husband.
7) The life of a husband and wife is a life of consultation (Shura). No one is the Boss. The true Boss is only Allah.
8) Try to help inside the house activities. I will feel happy and I will appreciate you more and more (I DO APPRECIATE YOU ALREADY) . Helping at home will bring us together closer and closer. We will appreciate each other more, and we will increase our love to each other well as respect.
9) If you find that I did not take care of the house properly, don’t criticize and don’t blame me. Take the initiative yourself and fix it in a friendly and polite way. Blaming me will create hate, animosity and lack of respect.

10) Please don’t abuse me your wife physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually or even verbally. The result would be negative. Then you would be blamed for that..
11) Let me know that you trust me. Then I will not hide things from you.(I never do hide anything from you regardless)
12) Please don’t spy on me as I know Allah sees, knows and records everything for you and for me. Nothing can be hidden from Allah.
13) I will not be able to look up to you as a role model, until you demonstrate that by action.
14) Let us try to recite Qur’an daily. You read, I listen (even if we have to by phone, I do not mind the bills as you know I am shy to read aloud

15) A surprise gift would be nice, but I would appreciate you as you are.“May Allah Grant Everyone Happiness In They Marriage And May Allah Grant Love, Honesty, Affection and Trust Between The Hearts Of The Spouses.Aameen”


One comment on “Who Is Your Wife… Let Me Tell You.

  1. Bie says:

    A feminist manifesto Walah! The worst things: Lack of privacy, help and compassion. Allah provides us with all these things and protects, I don’t get why somepeople feel the need to spy on others. I can’t understand it! Even if it were mutual spying, it shows lack of trust and is taking away of civil and common liberties.

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