Etiquette & Rights Of Muslims In General 2


Today we are going carrying on about “THE RIGHTS OF MUSLIMS” which is a lot of points to deal with, so I thought that I would do only 3 points a week. Enough for us to practice in the week. Last week we did 1-3, this week 4-6

“May Allah Guide Us To Do What  Is Pleasing To Him.Aameen.”

                   Etiquette & Rights Of Muslims In General

4) A Muslim should attend the funeral of his brother Muslim. This is based on the Prophet {SAW} Hadith: “The rights of a Muslim upon another Muslim are five.

 1) Replying to his greeting

 2) Visiting the one who is ill.

 3) Following the funeral procession.

 4) Responding to his invitation.

 5) Responding to him when he sneezes.

{Al-Bukhari and Muslim}


5)  He should fulfill his oath it he makes an oath upon him concerning something and there is nothing illegal in that oath. Therefore, the person should do whatever he has made an oath for his sake, so that he does not violate his oath. This is based on a statement of Al-Bara bin Azib {RA}: “Allah’s Messenger {SAW} ordered us to visit the ill, follow the funeral procession, respond to the one who sneezed, fulfill the oath for the one who made an oath, help the oppressed, respond to the one who is inviting and spread the salutations. {Al-Bukhari}

6) He must give him sincere advice whenever he asks for advice concerning ant matter or affair. That is, he should make it clear to him what he sees is the good or correct approach. This is based on the Prophets {SAW} words: “If your brother seeks your sincere advice, give him sincere advice.”  {Muslim}

The Prophet {SAW} also said: “The religion is sincere advice.” He {SAW} was asked, “To whom?” He {SAW} replied: “To Allah, His Messenger {SAW}, the leaders of the Muslims and their masses.” {Muslim}



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